Getting Started

The first step is to determine whether I am available on the day you have your wedding planned. Once we do that, we can then begin the process of planning your wedding ceremony.

Nearly every couple I’ve worked with has one thing in common. They have taken great care in selecting every element of their wedding (the dress, tuxedoes, flowers, reception, and ceremony location) but they often fail to really think through what should be included in the ceremony itself.

That’s where I come in. We’ll sit down at our initial, no-obligation, meeting and walk through exactly how you want your wedding to look. That includes the entrance, the positions of the groomsmen and bridesmaids, what should be said during the ceremony, as well as any other additional elements. We’ll talk through music, poetry, the vows, and anything else you might want to include.

Remember, it’s your wedding. We’ll start with a white piece of paper and begin to craft a wedding ceremony that you’ll remember for a lifetime. We can customize the elements to suit your tastes and wishes.

Whether your goal is a traditionally timeless or memorably modern, I can help you craft a ceremony that reflects your style and taste. It’s your day!

Send an e-mail ( and let’s work together to make this a day you’ll never forget.