How to Reduce the Fee

Paying for a wedding is never easy! For more than seven years I have worked to keep my fee as low as possible. My typical fee is from $375 to $425 depending on various factors (day of the week, time of year and location.)  However, that fee can be reduced in a couple of ways:

1.) If we meet by phone rather than a midway point in person the fee would be reduced.

2.) If we do meet in person and you choose, by the end of that day, to work together with me, then the fee can be reduced by another $25.

Don’t let your budget keep us from working together. I will always do what I can to make it all come together for you with a personal and professional ceremony that fits your budget.

¬†Note: No extra charge if your ceremony is in November and I am sporting my raising-money-for-men’s-health Movember mustache!


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